Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just a Quick Trip

While everyone was anxiously awaiting Irene's landing, I flew off for a day in Chicago.  Roger had a meeting, and I found it to be the perfect opportunity to take one last quick trip before settling in for another school year.  It was also an excuse to stop in St. Louis, on return, to visit my children.

Upon seeing the view from our hotel room I might have been happy
to sit at the window and read...

if it rained all day.

We stayed on Michigan Avenue and  

within walking distance there was too much to do in my one and half day visit.   There was the Science and Industry Museum, the History Museum, the Aquarium and the Planetarium 
just outside and to the left of our front door.

I chose to turn right.

There was architecture to be photographed.

Every step I took I was surrounded by the beautiful flowers and gardens.

A wonderful idea to add color to your garden.

Within the gardens there were greeters,


with dancing waters.


If I had found myself with a few moments to spare
I might have stopped to listen to

 a street musician or

or play a game of chess.

But I had one thing on my mind.
The Art Institute of Chicago.

I spent my day and a half roaming the many galleries at The Institute
where I was awed by

Marc Chagall



and Van Gogh.

There were the amazing Thorne Miniature Rooms

and so, so much more.

Oh my...it is I.

Walking back to the hotel, I
looked back at the night skyline with Marilyn
and vowed to return and stay longer.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is recovering and cleaning up after Irene.  Stay safe!

I hope to soon add a slideshow with all the 
wonderful pieces I photographed.  
And, this trip, there was food!
(These are my images.)