Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break

I'm on spring break this week.   The weather has been a bit fickled, as it often is here in the south.  We began with cool temperatures and rain.  A few days the sun brought warm, some might say hot, afternoons.  The kind of afternoons perfect for lounging outside with a glass of iced tea and a good book, or walking around checking on garden residents.

Here is a little of what I found.

Thanks to the late snow and cold temps, the hellebores

and Camillas are still showing off.

Despite a few (meyer) lemons left on the tree,

blooms have appeared awaiting the dance of the bumblebees assuring
next winters fruit.

The forsythia bloomed overnight, but looks as if her visit is to be brief.
She is not one to tarry once the sun turns on the heat.

A few hardy hyacinths soldier on, in spite of blooming during
the ice and snow.

The lilacs are ready to burst open, 

and the huechera  has new growth, handing me a bit of hope
the garden will survive in spite of last summer's neglect, and a winter with three dogs
running in and around doing what dogs do when let outside.

Today the rain and cool temperatures have returned, handing me a perfect afternoon
to settle in with a good book.

(I have books to talk about....)

How are you spending this first week of spring?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ten Weeks Gone

It began at Christmas, and the end seemed so far away.

Bags and boxes were unpacked, furniture moved and rearranged, and 
changes became routine.

There were sleepless nights, sunny days perfect for walks in the park and around the neighborhood, first visits to the playground, and a long weekend for a road trip.  We had so much time to be together.

There were ice days,

and snow days,

and more snow days,

We awaited the New Year and the groundhog; celebrated  Mardi Gras, 
Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, milestones and birthdays. 

There were a lot of pizza creations
(another story for another time)

and nights of manic kitchen fun.

We know, though, time has a mind of his own; he is in constant forward motion... seconds turn to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, and weeks to months.  We think we have forever, then forever is gone.  

In the end we watched our children reunite, then, with a full heart, bid them farewell,
 as they returned to their home and life.

The house is now silent... no more early wake-up calls.
No more late night talks.
It is bittersweet,
but it is how it is suppose to be.

I have a happy heart to have lived it;
and, I have memories to make me smile.

Cherish each moment with those you love.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Who knew?

Watching a favorite morning news show I learned today is International Day of Happiness.  Did you know?  Bulletin boards have been set up in various cities for people to post the things
that make them happy.

Why does this excite me?
Happiness breeds happiness.
Happy thoughts can heal many ills.
I enjoy being around those who are positive and enjoy life.
One day is not going to solve problems, mend broken hearts or bring about
world peace, but it is a great place to begin; and, it may make someone's day
a little brighter.  Now, that is a happy thought!

Many many years ago I kept a notebook of all of my favorite things.   I seem to remember it began while listening to a lecture that was taking me to tears.   Through the days and months my notebook was taken over with my list and became a constant in my stack of books throughout the remainder of the school year.  I wish I had kept the notebook...I wish I had continued making the list.  It was one of those things, at a certain age, you look back at and think "how childish" and toss it aside.    Today, I don't think of it as childish at all.

It is without saying being with my family tops my list of happiness; here are
 a few random things that bring a joy to my heart.

...laughing out loud
...rising before daybreak for a little quiet time
...the beginning of the seasons hands in the dirt
...the end of summer
...a good book
...heck, a stack of books
...a good glass of wine
...standing beside the ocean

My list could go on and on.  Now I want to hear from you.
What makes you happy?

Happiness doesn't belong to just one day.
It is for everyone, everyday.

I hope you are smiling!