Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Can You....

have too many days of celebration?

I jokingly tell the story of a year, one of my first to teach, when we sent the children home wearing a Mardi Gras mask, carrying a bag full of Valentine treats and an American flay in honor
of President's Day.  

This year is very closely a repeat.  Yesterday we donned our masks, all purple, gold and green, paraded around in costume and gathered Mardi Gras beads.  There was King cake with a baby hidden within to be found by one.  

Today began in Chapel.
 We were told about the Lenten season, a season of quiet reflection, and received ashes.  We sang a new hymn and practiced not saying alleluia.

We quietly walked back to our classroom and gathered on the rug where
 I held up and shared the book

because, yes it was our 100th day of school.

cute placemats designed by a creative co-worker

We counted out different small finger foods until everyone had one hundred things....well sort of, many ate as fast they counted.  It was fun, confusing and exhausting.

Tomorrow I will be handing out

Valentines with

a little something sweet  tucked inside.

Whew!  What a busy and fun and glitter filled week.
Oh, you know how much I love glitter!

Oh...did I forget President's Day?

We will be out of school Monday; we might celebrate early, Friday, or...
                                                                                           maybe I'll just wait till Tuesday.

February has to be the best month ever!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

“Time is very slow for those who wait
Very fast for those who are scared
very long for those who lament 
Very short for those who celebrate
But for those who love time is eternal”    
                                                                William Shakespeare                                                                                       

Sunday, February 10, 2013


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be 
The candle or the mirror that reflects it.” 
                                                                                        Edith Wharton

During winter I often stand in the sunroom looking out with camera at the ready to catch something new growing, in motion or just a tiny something I find amazing.  When I pull up my photographs I often find the above reflection, and I hit delete.

This morning I woke to the sound of rain and thunder.   I left everyone upstairs and eased downstair to write,  catch up and enjoy a few minutes of quiet time with my book.  I stepped out into the sunroom and saw the reflection of the fireplace in the window reminding me to stop, to breathe and take a few minutes to reflect a week past...

meeting a good friend for lunch,
(we stayed a bit closer to home)

  preparing for book group with my electrical power out; 

 enjoying a lively conversation both about our book and other subjects,

  looking out one afternoon to find

old friends 

 returning to the garden,

 how bringing home a simple bouquet made my heart smile,

 raindrops falling on the skylight giving me a morning of music,

of all that is sweet,

and all the sweet moments which lie ahead.

And now,  at the end of my reflection....I know I am truly blessed.

Have a wonderful week, and savor all that is good and beautiful.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Morning's Commute

Earlier this week I drove out of my driveway into the fog.

Beautiful, mysterious, enveloping.
I could have easily allowed myself to be led astray,

but I had a destination and responsibilities.

For everyone living in the northeast, you have been in my thoughts. 
I hope you are safe and warm, with a good book close at hand.

And may you wake to a crystal clear morning.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Blooms

It is a beautiful day here at Living Life.

After a week of highs and lows, and an anticipated storm,

our storm watcher
this winter loving gal threw open the windows,

stopped to admire and photograph (with iPhone) a few plants wintering indoors
 before grabbing the camera and heading outside
to see what is popping just beyond backdoor.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to winter; I still have my hopes up for a few more "fireplace" days, but days like today do seem lift the spirits
and make one smile.

I think I'll go out and cut a few stems of quince to bring inside.