Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Artistry

Spring has arrived. 
The sun is shining. 
There is just a slight chill in the air.

It truly has been the perfect first day of Spring.  I spent a bit of time this afternoon walking around looking for surprises.   While Winter took many favorites with her, Spring is busy sweeping up the scraps, collecting snippets, opening her paint pots and creating magic.

If you find yourself under snow this first day of Spring, I leave you with a 
preview of her amazing artistry headed your way...
I promise!

Today my Spring Break begins.  I plan of spending time in the garden,
with friends and family and possibly a book or two.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tech Break

A week or so ago I did the unthinkable....

I shut down the laptop, put it on the shelf and walked away.
I needed a tech break.

There were books stacking up.

Ripper is not what I expected from Isabel Allende, however, Allende's debut into the mystery/thriller genre is both enjoyable and entertaining.   Halfway through the book I was pretty sure I had this mystery figured out.   And, I did, well sort of.   Allende blindsided me with the perfect and unexpected twist. 

 There were projects to finish.  
I promised I would share what was on my needles.

There were houseguests to prepare for and entertain.

Celebrations to attend and attend to.

Now the garden is beginning to wake...

And in the midst of spring we will be welcoming a precious new life.

I'm back...
there is so much life to live
and share.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014



A week ago I was strolling through the garden show breathing in and gathering inspiration 
 for my own spring garden.    

I always look forward to having all of our best landscape and floral designers 
in one building.  There is so much talent here.  We are home to master designers
 P. Allen Smith and Chris Olsen...just saying.   

It is often over the top; always a treat.

Some exhibits are beyond my capabilities, while others are possibilities.

I returned home ready to begin the digging.   However, being the last week in February, I knew it was too early to do little more than walk around checking to see what might be waking up. 

And, I only needed to step outside the door to find my own bit of sunshine.   These little blooms are always the first to rise from winter's slumber.  They just make my heart happy.

Now, lets stop chatting about the past and look at where we find ourselves today...

Mother Nature's little March surprise.

Who knew?

Sunday, when I left for Church the temperature was 54 degrees and just beginning to sprinkle.
An hour and a half later the temp had dropped to 33, and a bone chilling rain was falling.  Though I was convinced the "bad stuff" was going to travel just above us,  it was going to be a day for sitting by a warm fire,  finishing a knitting project (oh, I can't wait to show you why I've been away)  and, of course,  some reading.

Just as the stars and starlets began walking the red carpet in Hollywood, to celebrate their accomplishments, I could hear sleet beginning to fall outside my window.  

Speaking of the Oscars...

didn't you think it was one of the best productions?
To be honest, I don't watch a lot of television, but I love all the fashion,
 the music and the acceptance speeches.   Did you have favorites?

There were so many beautiful dresses this year;
my absolute favorite was Sandra Bullock's 
beautiful blue gown.  It was simple, elegant,
and, I do love blue! 

My favorite acceptance speech was Matthew McConaughey's.   It seemed 
spontaneous, sincere and gracious. 
I loved all the tributes to Moms.

Favorite moment?  
Bette Midler singing 
"Wind Beneath My Wings".
Gotta love Bette!

There were so many fun and entertaining moments thanks to host Ellen DeGeneres.  
I do hope the "powers that be" know they have a winner, 
and select her to host permanently.

Okay...back to the ice.

It didn't take long for the walkways and street to be blanketed by the raining ice.
Monday morning I woke to find what looked like snow, but was, in fact,
 an inch and a half of frozen sleet.

I love winter, but I think everyone is a bit weary of the roller coaster we have been on this year.
I hope you are staying warm and safe.  Spring will arrive in her own good time.  Summer will follow too quickly and stay too long. (am I beginning to sound like a broken record?)   You will have to indulge me, and listen to my whining about the heat, though it does seem far in the distance.  

I am out of school again today.   It seems the perfect time
to head to the.... 

I'll meet you there!
As it Fat Tuesday, libations will be prepared
and awaiting you arrival....

laissez les bon temps rouler!