Friday, April 25, 2014

Wrapping Up

I've been away! 

Yes I've been away both physically, and I suppose some might say mentally.   The spring is almost always the busiest time of the year both in and out of the classroom.  There is more to do than minutes in the day.  Perhaps this is why I have been posting about the pleasure of stealing time to breathe, and moments of quiet and beautiful contemplation.

This year has been a bit different.   Instead of waiting until May to begin my end of the year projects,
I am spending my time peddling to stay ahead.  If you have been with me for long you know this means...end-of-the-year books.  Our first grandbaby...grandson... is due in May;
 I cannot afford to be caught off guard.  

I thought it would be easy to stay on task, up to date, and be able to do all the other things I enjoy.  Life doesn't always operate the way we think it should.  I often tell friends who are adamant about controlling the direction of a situation, "tell God your plans and watch him laugh".   I accepted a long time ago life is not on my timetable, but his.  All I can do is listen, try to keep up and do my best.

I have kept up with school fairly well, but I have found I am not always able to do the things I have enjoyed in the past.   My stack of books is gaining height, but I am unable to spend quality time with them.   The gardens (and weeds) are surviving with minimum care.  Time with friends is hurried: a glass of wine after an appointment, a quick text or an evening walk.   Thoughts and words are harder to corral. When they do begin to whisper, I am not always at a place where I can write them down, then they...poof...disappear.

I am not complaining, for you see, we are anticipating the miracle of a new life.
Many months ago, I felt things falling apart.  It was a time when each morning I would hold my breath waiting for the phone to ring, and another rug to be pulled out from under me.   They were going faster than I could jump to another.   At the lowest point, when I was most frightened and angry,  I told God I was running out of rugs to be taken.  No sooner than the words entered my thoughts a voice whispered, "I will replace them with more beautiful rugs".  I have held that promise close, and now, I am waiting for Samuel Wyatt to make his appearance.  Beautiful, isn't it?

Please be patient with me, I will continue to occasionally disappear.  I enjoy our time together.  I appreciate each one of you, and am truly blessed by all who continue this path with me.

Yes, I am truly blessed!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Seconds turn into minutes,
minutes into hours,
hours into days,
and days into weeks...

Whenever I had a school assignment weighing on me, my Mother would patiently listen to
my complaints, seldom offering up a suggestion or giving an opinion.  Instead, after sitting with me while I whimpered and whined she would stand, place a hand on my shoulder and say, "well I suppose you need to get busy, 'time waits for no man' ".

Whenever I begin to fret over my ever growing to-do list, I often
  think of her gentle hand and words sending me off to stay on task.  

It is so easy to get tangled up as time rushes us forward.

Mother was right, the hands of time doesn't halt his march,
 nor slow his pace.

Sometimes, though, it is necessary to pause on the bridge 
between the land of need to dos and the island of should dos
and allow time to continue his passage without us.

I don't want to miss one amazing thing!

"For somewhere he has spoken 
about the seventh day in these words: 
'On the seventh day God rested from
 all his works.' " Hebrews 4:4.