Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Am I becoming a techie?

Over the weekend, Roger told me I was on my, cute red (my adjectives), laptop all the time. He said I was on it more than he. Well, I beg to differ! The man has two (2) laptops and two (2) blackberries, all of which he may be using at the same time. So see, there is no way I spend more time on my computer.

I do love my (cute red) laptop!

May be a little rambling here.

I find communicating on-line very efficient. I still find it sad we do not pick up the phone or write notes more often; the internet gets the job done more efficiently I suppose. I send a note to my daughter each morning though we talk during the day. I even communicated with my classroom parents via the internet this past year. I have to say, that was great! If I forgot to tell them something at carpool, or something came up during the day; easy communication. I loved that they also felt comfortable emailing me as well.

At the insistence of my best friend, and with the help of Heather I signed up for facebook last summer. I love reconnecting with high school friends and keeping up with local friends. I've had no response from a couple a people who I was really good friends with in high school, I thought. I don't spend too much time seeking out folks for my friend's list (may be it's the rejection thing); I accept everyone I know. I have been known to post things like: "Just finished The Pale Blue Eye. Great read!" Well, it didn't make much of a splash in the facebook world. So, I am not a frequent poster. I post pictures occasionally. I suppose you could say I am more of a lurker (whew, thank goodness for dictionaries, I almost used a word that does not accurately describe my facebook activities) in the world of facebook. I keep up, but I don't post random information; may be sometimes I do. I do have this on going thing about "wild violets".

I love to use my computer to keep up with my book lists. Well, I try! I spent the morning updating my B&N book list. I gave up on another on-line bookstore a few years ago. They keep recommending the same books; some of which I have personally reviewed. I have stayed pretty active on Goodreads. Great place to find books for any age and any genre'.

I keep up with my knitting obsession on-line as well. There is a fabulous place called Ravelry. It's a great place to organize patterns, needles and projects, both finished and in-progress. And I get to browse everyone else's projects. AND, I get to see how many people have ooohed and aaaawed over my projects..... or not. Giggling to self!

(Yawn! Are you kind of getting the idea, I love lists!)

Recently, I started this blog. When my "muse" is with me, I find it quite entertaining and fun. I love to tell stories; this is my venue. When she (my muse) is absent, I must admit I find it rather silly and think about terminating it; I shall continue for now. I'm learning how to fancy it up a little.)

Okay, back to my techieness. (Don't you just love made up words? My computer has underlined it in red.) My latest venture into the tech world is the e-reader. Yes, I bought an e-reader.....

This was a really big jump for me! I love my books! I love to hold books! I love the smell of books! I love to read books! (I once told a decorator, she could move anything in the house to anyplace in the house except my books. The 30/30/30 thing doesn't fly with me. My books are some of my most precious collectibles and art; of course, the other 30% - books. (So I already had that covered.)

I did a lot of research and fought with myself for days. I finally made up my mind. I wanted a Barnes and Noble Nook. I won't go into why. (I hear a collective sigh, thank goodness!) Anyway, with a very generous gift card in hand, I headed out towards B&N. I made it almost halfway and my car made an unplanned turn to Target. My heart was racing, my hands were sweaty. I just could not do it! How could I read a book on a screen? What would it be like falling asleep without a 500 page book falling on your face. I just couldn't do it!

Roger came home the next evening; before he had taken his suitcase upstairs, I ask him to go to B&N with me to buy a Nook. Like an addicted person, I needed support.

Well, we actually waited till the next evening. Once again I had my gift cards in hand and off we went. Roger was driving; no detours this time. We both ask questions, played with it in the store; taking a deep breath, I handed over my gift cards and purchased my Nook. I walked out exhausted, but with an e-reader, a $50 gift card (gift with purchase; I read this as free books), and a really cute red nook jacket that Roger bought for me.

As I sat reading my first downloaded book, Roger glanced up and said, "Look at my techie wife".

Am I becoming a techie????? (literally falling on the floor laughing)

postscript: I love my cute red nook! I am almost finished with my second book (it is too hot to do anything else). I will still have to add to my "hard copy" bookshelves; this will only enrich by my reading life. Now what do I want to read next?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

I'm singing in rain, yes singing in the rain. What a glorious day; I'm happy again.

I am not for sure those are the correct words to the song, but they are the words I am singing today!

A bit of history!

Memorial Day weekend one was a very busy time around my house. I thought I wanted to start the weekend by settling in early with a book I received from my daughter at Christmas. I really wanted sometime with a good book; I had even secretly wished for a rainy day, even though I knew I had so much to do outside. Anyway, with book in hand and Willie following close behind, I headed downstairs to do a little reading. I had just slipped into nineteenth century England; eagerly combing the beach for fossils ("Remarkable Creatures), when my sweet husband comes into the room asking,

"Do you want to go the Home Depot with me?"

"No, I think I am going to sit here, with Willie, and read a little before heading outside".

He came back with, "I thought you might find that plant you've been looking for".

I had been driving everyone crazy looking for this one plant I needed to finish one of my containers; a Golden Tropicana Canna. It was just what I needed to accent the purple and silver plants I had already planted in this sea glass green container. Down the book went, on went the baseball cap, and off I went to Home Depot. No, I didn't find the Golden Tropicana Canna; I found so much more!. I rushed home and put all my new treasures in the ground and in pots and rushed off to a nursery nearby who was having a 20% off sale. "Heaven, I'm in Heaven"... (My husband is so tolerant of my obsessions, and in the spring it is my plants.)

I came home with even more finds. I still had not found the elusive Golden Tropicana Canna. By the end of the day I had managed to get everything planted.

With a glass of wine in one hand and a pencil in the other I sat down outside and planned my next day. One more day and one more nursery to visit. I knew I wanted to separate some plants and move somethings around, but most of all I had a new bed planned. I would need a rose bush, more coreopsis, another lavender for balance, and I would add the shasta daisies I purchased the day before; hopefully, I would find that canna.

I spent that Monday morning, separating and moving around. I also took Roger's camera out to take pictures around the gardens (pointing up to my cool picture at the top of my page).

Showered and with plans in hand off we headed to the last (I promised) nursery. I really tried to restrain myself; I came home with everything on my list, except... Yes, you guessed it the Golden Tropicana Canna. Alas, I know when to surrender. I substituted with a different variety. We'll see!

The new bed went in with my fabulous husband's help. I couldn't do any of my gardening without him; he keeps my plans realistic and, sometimes, on budget. We put away the tools, cleaned up yet again, and sat down to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I was finished! I was already thinking of what to work on in the fall, but I was finished for the spring; looking forward to leaving Wednesday to visit my daughter for four days. All was well!

Hum! Tuesday evening Roger noticed the backyard sprinkler system was not putting out very little water. Oh my! I suddenly saw three days of hard labor literally burning in the heat before my eyes. We began moving containers around, put the meyer lemon tree in a plastic storage container filled with water;and, Roger started setting up sprinklers that could be manually turned on and off. With the help of reliable timer and a sweet neighbor, our yard managed to survive the sun and our being away.

Back to the present.

The good news -- the sprinklers can be fixed. The bad news -- it will be the end of next week (it takes me three hours watering time in my back yard). The best news -- IT RAINED LAST NIGHT AND THIS MORNING! So.... I'm singing in the rain, yes singing in the rain what a glorious morning, I'm happy again. I'm singing in the rain!

Note: The pictures are pictures I randomly took in and around my yard.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roots and Wings

A few weeks ago Roger and I had the honor of accompanying Heather and Kyle back to Austin. Heather walked with the Graduate Program students to receive her hood signifying she had successfully completed her Master's program at The University of Texas. We were a proud Momma and Dad!

She did it! (I never doubted her.) She set her goals and accomplished them "bird by bird" (book title by Anne Lamont). Through the years, I have watched Heather set goals and accomplish them with focus and hard work. She faced challenges head-on and never blinked. She has the wonderful ability of keeping her eye on the prize and never stepping from the path.

As I think of all what Heather has done in twenty-six short years, I am awed. I remember sitting with her in her apartment as she practiced the defense of her Honor's College thesis. She was so excited and confidant. As Heather talked and showed me her slides my mind slipped back. The person sitting next to me was no longer a confident young woman, but the small brown eyed little girl that I would sit and read and study with. Instead of reading a storybook the child was explaining why all the experts were wrong about the dating of a piece of pottery. Yes, I had to turn away and blink away the tears; it seemed like only yesterday. I was not sad, but wistful and very proud.

I like to tell people, if God had lined mother's up and told me I could choose, I would have chosen my mother. The same holds true for my daughter. She is my joy and my heart...she is my "opus"! (reference to "Charlotte's Web").

Heather has had her wings for a few years now. And, I am continually amazed at the heights to which she soars.

I'm pretty proud of my son-in-law as well!

Happy third Anniversary, Heather and Kyle!