Saturday, August 9, 2014

Keeping My Brain Healthy

Neural Plasicity:  the brain's ability to change in response to normal developmental
processes, experience, and injury--

Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a lecture on Neural Plasticity.  Though the seminar was directed to healthcare professionals treating clients with traumatic brain injuries, this presentation included material helpful to anyone who hopes to keep their brain healthy and active.  There was also much information I will take back to the classroom.   There was one point though, the last point the speaker addressed that was priceless...

The best activity to keep the brain healthy and active....
this is too good to be true....
Do you know?
Have you guessed?

Forget the crossword puzzles (and I do love my morning crossword puzzle).
Forget the high priced programs and apps offering activities and games
to keep the aging brain active.
The best brain exercise is...

Reading, reading
lots of reading!!!

I no longer need to make excuses for afternoons spent with a book or
frequent stops at a neighborhood bookstore.

Now, excuse me please.
I have a book waiting to join me
in a little exercise session.


I may be away for a couple of weeks.
It is time to begin preparing to return to the classroom;
and, I have the opportunity to spend a few weeks with my daughter and new grandson.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer dear friends.
I will be checking in on you.