Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

I am a sucker for getting pulled into reading the comments after some random article on the internet.   I pull out the computer fully intent on signing onto Living Life and writing something brilliant, witty and/or entertaining (joking), but soon find myself scrolling through the current headlines.  An hour or so later my muse, my idea, has abandon me, as I have spent my time reading a wad of silly and ridiculous comments.  I know, I know this speaks volumes to my ability to waste time.  What can I say?

I am most often drawn in when the comments turn into rants against the belief in God.   I never really can figure out who they are talking to, as seldom do I find a comment defending God, Christianity or any faith.  In other words, no one is arguing against them.  Usually it is a string of those wanting to lash out at something, and the belief in God is always the perfect bull's eye for someone who is angry.  Though I would never want to respond to any of the comments, I find them interesting and worth studying.  Not because I agree, but because I am a believer in God.

I suppose you could say I am somewhat like Peter.   It was Peter, Jesus's most loyal, who denied knowing him when he was arrested.   I have never denied having a spiritual life, but I have never defended it either.  When I find myself in a conversation with someone who challenges my beliefs, I sit, listen, but seldom respond.  Though they run deep, I don't often write of my spiritual beliefs either.  I hope my actions are enough, but perhaps they are not.

I was four when an older child told me there was no Santa.    It was a few months before Christmas.  I was over at a neighbors house playing.   We began talking about the toys we were going to ask from Santa.   I vividly remember my friend standing over me telling me Santa wasn't coming because there was no Santa Claus.  I was heartbroken.  I burst out of her house and ran home sobbing.  Mother, having been alerted, was waiting for me at the door.  She held me until I calmed down a bit.   She rocked me in her lap as I told her my story.  She turned my face to hers and place her hand on my chest.  She then told me, "Santa Claus is right here.  He is all that is good about Christmas.  As long as you believe he will always be right there".  

I thought of this time in my life today during my morning prayers.  You know how you think of one thing and that leads you off onto another thought, and so on.  That is what I was doing this morning.  While giving thanks I began thinking how sad it is that so many live not knowing God (by any name).  Wondering why some find it so hard to believe in God.  I turned the question on myself and ask why I believe in something I cannot see.  Why do I believe in something that allows bad things to happen?  A lot of people spend a lot of time giving a lot of concrete reasons for not believing in "the myth" called God.   I then remembered that Saturday morning long ago, and the words my mother spoke.  Those things we cannot see, the things we are told are illogical, stupid, unproven, we hold in our hearts.  I could hear her saying, "God is in your heart.  He is right here.  There is no need to question his existence.  If you believe, he is with you."

Everyone has to have their own beliefs, for me, it is having faith in something greater than myself.  I open the newspaper and wonder, what is wrong with having faith?  It is much nicer having someone walking this path with me, than walking it alone.