Saturday, January 25, 2014

Knitting Through Life's Ups and Downs

Have all survived the latest arctic blast?  We sidestepped the snow and ice, but
were hit head on with low temps and wind.    A few weeks ago when it was too cold
to play outside I introduced the word "frigid" to my children.  Yesterday a child ask if we
would be going outside to play (oh, how we needed wanted to go to the playground), my classroom
meteorologist, pointing his finger to the ceiling,  quickly announced with authority, "Miss Bonnie, it is too sunny and frigid to go outside".
Oh, how I love these children!

Yes, the last few days have been frigid.  And, I can't think of anything better than having a
stack of books waiting to be discovered.

Sitting by a fire I opened  knitting yarns, and became instantly absorbed.

Do you knit?  Crochet?  Enjoy handwork?  Or, are you the person sitting across the room who is hypnotized while watching someone else's hands work needles with yarn
in, out and around?

Ann Hood has compiled a delightful collection of essays paying tribute to the art of knitting,  penned by those we are accustom to seeing on the latest "must read"list.   These stories are as much about life's successes and failures as about knitting, but the two are expertly joined by the similarities
 of the two.   One of my favorites is how one author, a non-knitter, found enjoyment and calm sitting next to a friend who knits.  Two stories later was that of the knitting friend.

  I think most knitters have a story to tell.   It may be a story of celebration, frustration, loss, healing or centering.  We each have a reason for picking up the needles.   The rhythm of needles moving in and out calms me, slows down my thoughts allowing me to think more clearly and problem solve.  Reading these essays reminded me of my own knitting stories.

It doesn't surprise me so many noted writers are also knitters or appreciate knitting.  Writers have often incorporated knitting into the fiction we have enjoyed:   Dickens gave us Madam Defarge,  Austen put needles in the hands of Jane Fairfax,  and Christi delighted us with Miss Marple.  Do you have a favorite book with a knitter as a prominent character?  There are so many.

I returned "knitting yarns" to my friend telling her it is most definitely a keeper.
I want my own copy.   I can't think of a better gift for a reader and a knitter.

With a new baby arriving soon, my needles are flying.  I wish I could figure out how to read and knit at the same time....hum... I'll knit on that and get back with you.

Do you knit?
Do you have your own knitting story?
I would love to hear from you.

If it is still frigid where you are this weekend,
please stay safe and warm.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gifts and Loans

I'm sure I talk, write and and read far too much about reading and books, but it is one of my many favorite things.  I am equally certain my enthusiasm can be annoying when I am gushing praise on something I believe everyone should want to read, and enjoy simply because I think it is the latest best thing I have read.  One of the benefits of this effusive babbling is I find myself among those of like mind, and who are eager to share their favorite reads.  I have in the last few weeks been the fortunate recipient of a few gifts and loans.

Some may find it presumptuous to select a book for another person; I think it is a true gift to be trusted with a favorite book of a friend.  I have a three day weekend...where do I begin?

How do you feel?
Do you enjoy others choosing a book for you, or do you prefer to
make the selection yourself?

Currently, I am reading The Orphan Master's Son, Adam Johnson

and E.M. Forester's Howard's End.

One is a favorite, one not so much.  I leave you to guess.
You know, I never speak badly of someone's masterpiece.

Enjoy your weekend,
and let me know what you have lined up to read
this weekend.

Monday, January 13, 2014

A New Role

Lately, I've been thinking about the different stages of my life.   It could be because I recently celebrated my birthday (thank you for all you kind birthday wishes), or perhaps with the recent bad weather I've had far too much time inside.

I suspect it probably has more to do with the knowledge I am preparing to step into a new role,
and I couldn't be more excited.

I am going to be a grandmother!

We are having a boy!

My own little Prince...

I hope you've had a good Monday.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Thoughts

I've been away.  
This time last week I was in Seaside, Florida preparing for the new year.
It was overcast, rainy, and I thought... cold.  The clouds were so dense the sun was blocked from giving us the beautiful sunsets I've grown accustom to through the years, until the night of New Years Day.

I didn't know the cold awaiting my return.

I love winter's cold!
 I don't necessarily want to be outside when it is this frigid, but I do love to cuddle up inside without the guilt of needing to run off somewhere.   I think we all need a period of hibernation.   There is something to be said about being forced to slow down and cocoon for a day or two.

I've heard over the past several days this winter storm is breaking temperature records across the United States.  Is this just more proof of our planet's warming pattern, or perhaps, it is her way of hitting the restart switch?

Tomorrow I return to school.  I am excited to reunite with my children.  They will have grown, and after a day of resettling they will be ready to get down to business...I hope.
Today, I am enjoying the day packing away the last of Christmas and
 finishing the last chapters of  The Prisoner of Heaven, Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Willie says keep your sweater on, curl up on a comfy blanket, and stay safe.