Friday, February 21, 2014


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk
it took to blossom.
                                            Anais Nin

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Very Good Day!

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend here.  
Who could imagine the difference a few days would make.
A week ago we woke to snow and more cold 
(we have had more extreme cold than snow).   

This weekend, though the mornings were cool, the sun shone and beckoned us to put down the book, the knitting, turn off the computer and head outdoors.
And, we didn't hesitate to answered the call.

We spent the afternoon walking the trails of a nearby park, enjoying the sun and fresh air.
The paths were crowded with individuals, couples and families.  There were runners, walkers, strollers and bikers.  Smiles and hellos were abundant.  It was just that kind of day.

With the sun setting we began our trek back.  Occasionally I could hear something moving along with me,  hidden by the brush.  It was a bit spooky (it is too cold for snakes?); I couldn't resist. Though R. and Willie continued to walk, I stopped, listened and waited.  Our companion remained elusive.  It wasn't until we had almost reach the end of the trail, I spied a park occupant.

He stopped while I fished my phone out of my pocket.  Though shy, he didn't seem
too bothered by my presence.

He showed me his profile.

Then, "No more photos, please"

And he was gone.

As the  armadillo was probably just waking,
my day was coming to a close.

Who knows what will come tomorrow; it is winter.
This was a very good day!

I'm wishing you beautiful days, soon!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I woke early this morning with thoughts jumping around in my head.  I would have liked to turn over and fall back into a dream filled sleep, but I was awake and there was nothing to do but start my day.  It wasn't a surprise to open the shutters and find snow clinging to the branches; it began falling long before my bedtime.  

I sat at the window, alone, listening to the quiet of the morning wrapped in the pristine white blanket that fell overnight.   I was craving the quiet, a time to sit and stare.   Looking away from the window, glancing around the room my eyes stopped at my writing desk.   Perched on the corner was my long forgotten journal and pen.   

I moved over to my desk and opened what once was a constant companion, but now only an acquaintance.  Near the back of the journal was my last entry dated 25 July 2013.   Had it really been so long since I had picked up my pen?  I turned to the first empty page and began.  Words fell like tears, and a few were of tears; some were words of anger and anxiety.  I was disposing of the clutter which had tethered my heart and halted my pen so many months ago.  And, it felt as if I had found a long lost confidant. Words became sentences...sentences filled the pages until I noticed how quickly the tone had changed to that of surprise, joy and promise.  I wrote unedited until I had nothing left to put on paper.  I closed my book, and safely secured the stories that are not mine to tell, but weighed so heavily, within those pages.  I haven't stopped caring, but placed those cares away for safekeeping making room for all that tomorrow will bring...
the good and the bad.  

I'm not for certain why I stopped my daily journaling; I suspect things were happening I didn't want to remember.  Writing something down often makes it too real, too permanent.   I have kept some form of a journal most of my life, and yet I forgot writing is really a way of putting life's events into perspective   It may take a bit of discipline to return to the routine of daily writings, but I don't think I can afford not to continue.

As I write this post I look out to see snow beginning to slide off the branches and leaves of shrubs and evergreens just as the quiet solitude of the morning gently slid into a day filled with the sounds of the business side of life.

Do you keep a daily journal?
(Quite possibly you are feeling the need to vent against those who keep extolling the virtues of winter?)

Enjoy the Olympics,
stay safe and warm dear friends!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


A day of ice...

It is pretty much what was predicted.
I couldn't help it,  I was hoping



I know my request may make those of you who have been closed in by endless snow storms a little crazy...sorry!

Are you weary of the cold?
Were you hoping "Phil" wouldn't see his shadow?
Are you wishing for spring?
Maybe you are dreaming of a summer's day by the water?
Or would you be happy to just rewind to autumn?
(I'm okay with spring and autumn, but seriously, 
let's keep summer away as long as possible)

Let's do a bit of

No matter if you are wishing for
spring, summer, autumn or 
a winter's snow,

each will appear at it's due time.

Find the miracle in today.

Stay safe
stay warm!