Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What We Do

for those we love.

Did I mention there are three dogs living with me?  Two visitors and Willie.  
Willie is having a grand time with his buddy Waldi.  

The third canine is a retired and rescued greyhound.... a retired, rescued, geriatric greyhound.   Raven is a sweet animal, who is just old, and demanding.  I've nicknamed her "The Diva".  Most of the time she just wants the two youngsters to leave her alone and allow her to spend her time stretched out on her blanket.

However, when mealtime comes around or she needs to go outside she can become quite vocal.  She and I have had words more then a few times over her demanding ways.  The two sparing divas.

I have pretty much turn over my sunroom to them, and all has gone pretty smoothly...

Monday morning we woke up to find a layer of ice covering the ground.   The dogs went out early and all seemed okay.  It continued to sleet most of the morning and they were able to keep their feet underneath them.  Later in the day, with a little melt and a refreeze, both the back and the front yards became skating rinks.

At the appointed afternoon bathroom time the door was open and the three took off.  Waldi and Willie had no problem.  They slip and slid.  They survived and didn't seem to mind.  Sweet Raven ran out and pretty much did the splits.  I heard my daughter scream, and I ran out to help.  It took both of us to lift her and ease her back into the house.   Once inside she was okay and returned to her chosen spot.

As night approached we began discussing how we were going to handle Raven's bathroom needs.   We both agreed she couldn't stand up on the ice.   I sprinkled flour hoping we might could create some traction... my five pound bag wasn't going to offer up much of anything but a mess.  I tried to break the ice with a hoe and a shovel.... let's just say I now understand how people have heart attacks when shoveling snow.  I barely made scratches. 

We tried to take her out the garage with hopes she would go to the bathroom on the driveway where earlier a car had been parked leaving a dry spot.   Needing to help her over a small patch of ice I found an old rug and sheets to spread over the ice.   We led her carefully across the bridge to the patch of driveway free of ice, but you know the saying...."you can take a horse to water..."?  Well the same applies to here.  The Diva stood looking at us, shivering.  We brought her back in and brainstormed a while longer.

Heather thought taking her to the front would be easier and safer.  She thought if we could get her onto the grass there would be enough traction for her to keep her balance.  But, how to get her over the ice covered path to the grass?

Yes, I moved the rug, sheet and various other items to make a path over the ice to the grass.

Yep, we love our pets and will do just about anything to make them happy, 
and keep them safe.  The ice is melting and hopefully all will be back to normal this evening.

I'm keeping the rug and stack of random finds ready just incase. 

I hope you are staying safe and warm.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I had wonderful plans for 2015.  I wanted to spend more time writing.  I've been researching creative writing classes.   I have a list of book to read much longer than anyone could ever conquer;  it continues to grow.  There is yarn collecting in the basket screaming to be turned into fabulous hats, sweaters and maybe a pair of mittens.  So many plans.....

Then things changed; my world has been slightly and temporarily altered.  My writing has fallen by the wayside.  I am so far behind in my reading I am getting notices reminding me of titles on my "to read list".   I can't remember when I've picked up the needles. These last few weeks I have spent my idle hours with  my daughter and Wyatt.  While my son-in-law is away training, my grandson and his mommy are staying with R. and me.  

It has been an adjustment for everyone.  
In every room there is evidence a baby is in the house.  There is a bit more laundry and a few extra trips to the grocery store.  Everyone pitches in making light work.   I have had to acknowledge there are now two moms, and I am in the supporting role.  This is not an easy task for the one who always wanted to be the mother in control.   The first week was a bit chaotic, however, we have slowly eased into a new normal.  

There have been a few sleepless nights...sleep can be overrated.
At night I wake each time the baby cries.  I lost the ability to sleep through an explosion, when his mother was an infant.  Some nights I lie awake hoping he will whimper, then I will know all is well.   I am reminded of the nights I would slip into my daughter's nursery and lay my hand on her back just to feel her breathing.

We have a few more weeks with our daughter and grandson.   Though I had hoped to return to posting routinely,  I will be in and out for awhile longer, as I am going to spend every possible minute enjoying my time with two of my favorite people.  Though my world has tilted a bit; I know when all is set back in order, the quiet will be deafening and the routine will seem a bit lonely.  Today I am here living life with a grateful heart.

Did I mention, there are two extra dogs as well?