Friday, June 27, 2014

What's in a name?

                 "O! be some other name:
                   What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
                   By any other name would smell as sweet;..."

                                                                    William Shakespeare
                                                                    Romeo and Juliet

I have returned home!
I spent the last four weeks with my daughter and son-in-law awaiting
Wyatt's arrival and celebrating his birth.   I was overjoyed to take care of the new parents while they adjusted to their new routine and bonded with their precious gift.

Being away from home for such an extended period of time didn't seem like too big of a deal.  I am truly blessed to have good friends who text and called checking on everyone, asking for photos,  and wondering if I would ever be returning.  It felt good to know I had
people awaiting my return.

To my surprise it took me a few days to find my footing once home.  I took a day to rest before returning to my schedule and meeting up with friends for some catch-up time.  I returned to school for the final two days of our summer camp where I was greeted with lots of hugs, congratulations and chatting.  I don't think any one moment touched me more than the first day when one of my girls, from the school year, entered the school, dropped her backpack and lunch, screamed "Miss Bonnie" and ran down the hall and into my arms.

More than visiting with me, everyone wanted to see pictures of my sweet Wyatt.  And, I was most happy to oblige.   I handed over my iPad allowing all who wished to scroll through my gallery.   I am, after all,  a proud new grandmother.   While meandering through an obscene (I make no apologies) amount of photographs everyone wanted to know my "grandmother" name.

Well.....good question, I suppose.   I was told it was my decision.  I thought I had the perfect name.  I've known for years what my grandchildren would affectionately call me.  I ask opinions from friends who thought it was great.  Things don't always work out though.  Sometimes they are overthought.  My choice of name didn't meet with the excitement I had anticipated.    Arguments were made.  Perhaps I wasn't fully committed;  I didn't put up a fight...I withdrew the name.

For inquiring the present my new moniker...everyone seems happy... is "Bea".  I suspect though someone else has the final decision....

What do you think?

Oh how I miss him!

Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake,
Baker's man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can
Roll it up, Pat it up
Mark it with a "B"
For baby and Me (Bea).

Thursday, June 12, 2014

May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010,
 I signed on with the title "Living Life by the Seat of my Pants".  Earlier I often said, somewhat jokingly,  I would one day write a book titled "Flying by the Seat of My Pants" and thus thought this to be the perfect title for my blog.   After all, it is pretty much how I attack most things in my life.  Probably not what one would expect from a self-proclaimed perfectionist who walks an obsessive tightrope.  After a little research I discovered the phrase was taken by more than one, and to be honest...well let's just leave it with we had nothing in common.  So I chose to eliminate "flying" and insert "Living Life".  After a week or so I shortened it to simply "Living Life".

When I began, I'm not certain I had a true sense of direction,  but as I described my mode of operandi earlier, I jumped in headfirst hoping words would clear the path and take lead.   My first post was filled with, in my daughter's words, "every possible disclaimer", lest anyone think I believed myself to be a writer.

With a few posts under my belt, and after reading many wonderful and focused blogs, I found I didn't really fit into a particular buttonhole.  I've always been the rectangle trying to squeeze into the square. I have far more interests and likes than one person should try to fit into a life.  My musings were not coming together quite as I had imagined, some sounding forced, others scattered.  I often sat down to write of one thing and found words, sentences, running in a totally different direction.   To describe where I seemed to be headed I soon added the subtitle,
 "Random Ramblings of a Blessed Life".

Now here I am, a month into my fifth year, and I have no better sense of where I am going than I did the first time I hit publish, sending those beginning words into cyberspace.   Yes here I am.  What does tomorrow

Life is an adventure, full of joy, disappointment, success, failure, confidence and fear.  There will always be cheerleaders and more who will discourage.   Life moves fast.  We can run with it or hide.   I choose to turn my face to the sky, embrace, look for the blessings and give thanks for each morning.

A great big thank you to all who sent best wishes upon the birth of my beautiful grandson.  He is truly an amazing addition... miracle... to living this random life of mine.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


I have a new man in my life.
We met in the wee hours of the morning a little over
a week ago, and I unapologetically smitten.
It has been a happy week.  

Samuel "Wyatt"  was welcomed into the world 
May 29, 2014.

Life continues to advance forward.
A new generation.

And I am blessed.