Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thoughts on a Difficult Week

Here we are Saturday, November 12, 2016....
 we survived the week.

And, it has been a stressful week.  In my PollyAnna way I thought no matter how the election turned out we would return to life as we knew it.  We would all pitch in and work together.   I was wrong and so very disappointed.

I am going to be honest here.  My candidate was not in the running.    I pretty much removed myself from social media, Facebook,  because I was losing respect for many on both sides.  There was a time I believed I could not with a good conscience vote.  Arguments for both sides seemed seriously flawed in my eyes.  Yet, Tuesday I walked into my polling place, said a short prayer and cast my vote.  (Please do not assume, I prayed, therefore you know for whom I voted)

Wednesday morning we awoke as divided as we were on Tuesday.  Those who tried to bridge the two sides with prayer and kind words were trampled.   Some continued the spewing and others took to the streets in protest.  In my opinion neither is bringing us together as a country, and that friends, truly breaks my heart.  

Last night, I went to see "The Crucible" at our repertory theater.   As a teenager there was a time I was obsessed with the Salem witch trials, and yes, I voluntarily read Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible".   At fifteen I was awed by the spectacle of it all.  And, I question God.   Last night, it was the injustice caused by fear mongering and mass hysteria that pulled me into the story.  And I knew though his name was thrown around,  God was neither invited to nor in attendance at that party.   Does any of this sound relevant to this past year?

Throughout the play, I wanted everyone to step back, take a deep breath, put egos aside and think about what they were doing.   It dawned on me this is exactly how I have felt throughout this whole election year.   As the second act was coming to it's conclusion, though I knew the outcome, I wanted it to be different than what I remembered.   I wanted a happy ending.

So here is my PollyAnna thoughts at the end of this week.  
Winners, congratulate yourself...  Losers, lick you wounds.  
We can have a happy ending!  

Let's step back, breathe, set aside our egos, stop the pointing of fingers and remember both sides are filled with good, honorable and intelligent folks.  Success comes through work, blending of ideas and compromise.   And yes, I believe prayer.   It is my humble belief we all want the same thing, a great country and world for generations to come. 

I hope I have not offended.  
I write this as salve for my own heart.   I do not grieve for an election, 
but for my dear country that is great, but so divided.  
I welcome your opinions; I know they will be kind.

Gently and peaceful thoughts my friends!