Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Rescheduled

The picture says it all!

This is what I woke to yesterday morning.  The tree fell silently
in the night.   St. Nicholas (the tree topper)  landed on the opposite side of the room.
All of the ornaments from back fell through the tree breaking many of those
 left hanging on the tree.

I took a moment to cry...
another to scream...
Then I had to get on with my day.

I must confess I did use the above picture yesterday when 
involved in a minor conflict.  I pulled up the photo, showed it, and with a smile,
said very calmly,  "Today is really not the day to play with me".
I think out of pure fear...
it worked.

Okay my moment is over.  
The tree is standing once again, although naked.
The damage has been assessed.
I've put it all in perspective.

It is only glass...baubles.  
Some more precious than others, but
trinkets none the less.

I'll let you know if I redress the tree or toss it to the curb.
There are fewer ornaments to worry over.

Stay tuned!


  1. Oh dear! I empathize and sympathize . . . I had it happen one year . . . (18 foot). Lost some treasures too!

    Oh my . . .

  2. A certainly test of patience and fortitude.

  3. Oh Bonnie, I'm sad for you. But you're right, they are just small trinkets. I say leave the tree bare and enjoy it as it was obviously meant to be. ♥

  4. Oh my, Bonnie. After all the work put into putting up a tree, I can understand your frustration. I would have cursed, I would have cursed big. Then I would have felt guilty because it was only a thing.

    You , of course, will redo it. It will not be fun but possibly it will look more beautiful because you will make it be. Then you will feel better.

    Just in case, I heard that Home Depot sells trees already dressed.

  5. That's not the best way to start a morning! I don't know if I'd redo the tree or just leave it bare. You decide and let us know.


  6. I'd hold onto that photo. It might still come in handy. Sorry to hear about the collapse. We had a cat topple ours one year. Not fun.

  7. Oh Bonnie - I am so sorry for you. I do hope you will redress it. I hope your ornaments that were precious due to sentimental value survived. I am struggling right now with the kitties and Shelby (puppy-well not so little but still playful) trying to work on the hanging ornaments too. Take care friend and may better days be ahead.

  8. I guess you need to keep a sense of humor! I remember that happening when I was a child. Things will look better tomorrow, I promise!

  9. Oh, Bonnie, we've had that happen too, and it's no fun. Hopefully you didn't lose too many precious ornaments.

  10. Bonnie I am sorry for your tree andornaments. I hope you had a better day.

  11. Oh Bonnie, I am so very sorry to see your tree lying on it's side! It's a good thing that your sofa broke it's fall...saving additional heartbreak and tears.

  12. reading out of order....i can soooo totally relate!!

    good thing for your wonderful spirit!!