Monday, December 16, 2013


Look closely...
do you see something out of the ordinary?

Look again...
You might think it is impossible.
I'm sure it will make you smile.

Do you see it now?
Let's zoom in a little closer.

Your might wonder how?
I'm not for sure how,
but I know who left it there.

Nothing is impossible!


  1. They are resourcefull little critters! I hope that you are having a great week!

  2. Oh! ...Delightful..
    Merry Christmas, Dottie

  3. Happy squirrel indeed! My tired eyes had to wait for the reveal.


  4. Oh, bless him! How sweet. ♥

  5. A pre-Christmas taste-test, Bonnie? Lovely shot. A happy Christmas to you! Faisal.

  6. oh i saw it on the second picture but thought "what the heck"?? is that a christmas tradition that roger had something to do with?!?! hehehe

    good for him, a nice, healthy belly full!!

  7. teeehehehheheee.....Hey, I've found slices of pizza in my flower pots, pieces of baguette in my garden, and acorns strewn all over my front walk, thanks to these little fellers! Oh so darling, Bonnie!

    Thank you my dear Bonnie, for coming over tonight! The Little Drummer Boy is my ultimate favorite Christmas song, then Oh Holy Night sung by Josh Groban. The voices in Drummer Boy and the drum are all the song needs to promote a sense of awe, doesn't it?

    Friday is our last day of school and it's two weeks of rest! You teach as well, don't you? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Anita

  8. What is it? A tiny tomato? A little persimmon? A bit of bittersweet? Well, whatever it is, the little Bushybottom is having a winter feast for sure!

  9. Ah Bonnie - this is too cute. You made me smile. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas friend. Take care and may you enjoy this blessed season.

  10. "Impossible? Nothing is impossible!" Absolutely, Bonnie, absolutely.