Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31st - Reflections

 As dawn breaks on the last day of 2013, I also close another year.  Yesterday was my birthday.  The number isn't really important.  My mother once said, "age is not a number, but a life long accumulation of dreams, expectations and experiences".   I was young and didn't understand.   Now, as I move closer to another decade, I am coming closer to the appreciation of her words.

 As 2013 prepares his departure I am compelled to admit it will not be listed in my top 100.   He left scars, and seems determined to not exit quietly.  I am not sad to see his departure, yet...

we survive.
We hold on to those we love, and those who love us.  My dad, when diagnosed with cancer several years ago, told me "you put one foot in front of the other and you walk the path put in front of you".  I think, I had very wise parents.

A birthday,
a passing year,
is a good time to look back,
evaluate, and assess the lessons
 learned from living life.

Always look for the unexpected.
There are delightful surprises waiting just outside your window.

Surround yourself with those who encourage you to take flight,

but if left alone, fear not,
you are stronger than you can imagine...
just soar!

Find a place that soothes, refreshes, heals.

Take care of those who find themselves in the cold.

When something works, take notes.

Eat dessert...
yes, eat dessert!

Have a dream.

Find something that ignites passion,
and fight to keep it alive.

Surround yourself with things you love.

Once in a while slow down and look at yourself through someone else's eyes.

Don't be afraid to change directions when necessary.

When lost...
be still...
believe in something greater than yourself.

Be gentle with yourself.

At the end of the day, when the path ends, remember...
just beyond the horizon is a brand new day....
a brand new year.

Possibilities are beyond imagination.

 Thank you for your visits, your encouragement,
and your kind comments.

May the New Year be good to you and those you hold dear.
Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Bonnie . . . Beautiful Meaningful in word and view . . .

  2. Beautiful words Bonnie, you speak the truth .. and I can relate to much of what you are feeling. With the passing of my father in October my life will forever be changed. Time really does march on and as we mature and experience life's changes we realize what really matters in life. Every day that we are here is special and as you say, noticing and appreciating the little things is so important.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy new year ahead!

  3. happy birthday bonnie!! if we only knew then, what we know now......i think we should live our lives backwards, it makes so much more sense!!

    i LOVED your pictures today, especially the last one!! happy 2014, may it be filled with laughter and love!!

  4. Precious Bonnie,

    Thank you for coming to welcome me HOME. It was a delightful time away with family, but it sure is nice to have quiet rest here at home.

    We learn. We are like students and life's blows and gentle touches make us who we are. May 2014 be yet another year where we find our force to go out, like your father did, and teach the world what it's like to live, up until that last step. Big hugs and gentle wishes for a great 2014. Anita

  5. Lovely post. One must take time to smell the roses......enjoy every day to the fullest too! Happy New year to you too!

  6. These are words I could read everyday...not just new years. 2013 was not the best year for me either. It was filled with chaos, struggles and sorrow. At least, that's how I remember it. There were good things as well but I'm still happy it's over.
    I hope your birthday was a lovely one and I hope for all good things to come your way in this new year. It is always such a joy to visit you and your comments always bring a smile. Happy Happy New Year! ♥

  7. Bonnie - Happy belated birthday. I hope it was wonderful. Beautiful post. Like you 2013 has not been easy. My Dad was just diagnosed with cancer this December. I will savor your wise dad's words as we begin this journey . Take heart...crying may last the night but joy comes in the morning. God bless and may 2014 bring you the desires of your heart.

  8. What a beautiful post with such wisdom!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy New Year from one Bonnie to another,

  9. A beautiful post - really inspiring. Belated birthday wishes and Happy New Year. Jx

  10. Beautiful!, beautiful, beautiful. Your dad had it right. We all walk that always turning road of life and sometimes it feels full of potholes, but we know we must carry on, no matter the burden. I can do without some of those burdens, but many times they lead me to another path where I use what I learned and find peace.

    For you and others who have found 2013 a challenging year, I wish a more kinder 2014.

  11. Thank you for such a thoughtful post. May 2014 be all you want it to be.
    A belated happy birthday.

  12. Thank you for this thoughtful post. May 2014 be everything you wish it to be.
    A very happy belated birthday.

  13. Happy belated birthday and happy new year!

  14. What a beautiful post, Bonnie. I hope 2014 is better to both of us!


  15. Wonderful, wonderful post. So inspiring and hopeful. Thank you dear Bonnie!

  16. Beautiful and wise. Happy belated birthday.

  17. Bonnie, a belated happy birthday to you! I don't know why but I don't get your posts....

    Never mind, this is a fabulous post and both of your parents sound like incredibly wise and wonderful people.

    I hope you have a blessed new year!