Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Gift of Time

Thank you so much for all your thoughtful comments on my last post.
Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my memories.

This morning I left home prepared to work a long day.   
Once at school a friend surprised me by arriving prepared to work my extended day.  
After some good natured arguing I found myself with two hours no one knew were mine.  
At first I felt a bit guilty and disoriented,  but soon decided to selfishly
 put concerns and anxiety aside and enjoy my afternoon.   
I escaped to a big name bookstore where I could disappear among the stacks. 
After browsing shelves I treated myself to a magazine

 and a cup of tea to savor.  

I returned home, dressed Willie in his halter, 

pocketed a few treats,

and with camera in hand, headed out for a walk.

It was a beautiful day for 

 photographing the wonders

found in my neighborhood.

Willie and I returned home with spirits lifted

and ready for a long evening of election returns.  


I would love to hear how you would spend two hours free from obligation.

(I apologize if this appeared  unedited. 
 I inadvertently hit publish in place of preview)


  1. Bonnie,
    I'm so sorry I missed your last post and my sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved aunt. Your post was a wonderful tribute.

    Nothing like a good walk by yourself (and a dog and nature) to clear the head sometimes.

    I bought that same magazine. That pumpkin cheesecake one me over!

    1. Steve, You are so kind. Yes the walk really did lift my spirits. Nothing like a good dose of endorphins. I picked up the magazine because of the article on jams and confits. The cheesecake does look amazing. Let me know how it turns out.

  2. Dear Bonnie,

    I usually walk or bake.

    Our cable, which includes TV, Internet (with Wifi), and phone went out at 4 PM yesterday. Then our radio would not work. My husband was able to install an antena for the TV at about 9 pm so we could see the election results. In the meantime I baked 4 dozen cookies and was looking for other treats to make. The election probably put a few pounds on me.

    I can easily do without the TV and definitely the phone, but I really, really, need my iPad, especially since it was such an important night to know the news.

    Tomorrow, after the storm leaves, I walk.

    Your pictures are always such a joy to view. You deifinitely have quite a talent with the camera.

    1. Arleen Thank you....I really just try to find a focal point and shoot. I will usually take two or three shots of the same scene. My favorite shots are macros...some are better than others.

      Yes all of my electronic is together as well. I hardly ever turn on the television, but I need my laptop and phone. With my Dad's age and illness I am tethered to my cell phone.

      I hope the storms pass you quickly and without any damage. Thanks again.

  3. you spent those hours exactly how i knew you would!!

    i would go for a drive, along a beautiful country road. take lot's of pictures, then stop for a bite to eat.

    or perhaps i would bake cookies or create pages in my scrapbooks....i'll have to get back to you, i'm not completely sure!!

    you did make great use of your time!!

  4. Bonnie, the tribute you wrote of your Aunt Nancy’s unexpected death and funeral was moving. Your thoughts were an excellent reminder to all of us to reach out when we think of someone near or far while there is time. I am sorry for your loss. Applause for your decision to take a walk, clear the cobwebs and enjoy the memories.

  5. Bonnie, tea and books are likely to figure into an unexpected two hours for me! Love the photos you took on your walk. I never seem to take photos of anything but food!

  6. The gift of two hours is a truly precious one. I hope that I would do as you did, and spend it reading and going for a beautiful walk.

  7. Willie's a wise sort of gentleman, Bonnie - I'm sure he could tell us all how to spend a couple of unexpectedly free hours.
    Me? I'd drift off somewhere, most likely, figuratively and metaphorically. Drift off for a walk, or a walk into a book, or into somewhere I'd long wanted to go.

    1. Yes, Willie is certainly the wisest of counselors. I will say I did consider curling up with a book but felt a walk would give me a burst of endorphins. Willie was quite the eager companion. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I would do exactly what you did. Tea and a good book, a walk outside, and just letting myself daydream. There is nothing more relaxing and refreshing to do than that! And those experiences frequently lead to good blog posts!

  9. Such a lovely way to spend your two free hours, Bonnie!
    I am completely spoiled as I'm retired now and am enjoying my second childhood. :)
    You have the same question that I had about my farm table. Several people have suggested using paste wax, so I'll be looking into that.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!