Sunday, February 21, 2016


Fear of failure is a great road block. 
 Fear of ridicule is an even bigger hurdle. 
I more often than not find myself facing both. 

Failure...isn't so bad if you jump up, brush yourself off and get back on the horse that threw you.  Ridicule isn't so easy to overcome.  We all want to be liked.  We want to be appreciated for our talents and our efforts.  This fear is paralyzing.

When I am paralyzed, I find other things to do.  Not all are unproductive.  In other words
I am often the Queen of procrastination. 

I thought I would share a bit of what I found to do this week, instead...

Another closet cleaned.

School work up-to-date... almost.

Tested a Pinterest recipe and added my "best guacamole
in the world".

Photographed opened tulips

Harvested the last of the meyer lemons.

Photographed a lemon in my hand for
size comparison.

Baked a lemon and cream cake; had to begin using those lemons.

 More photos of tulips.
Have I ever mentioned, I love tulips?

Played around on Pinterest, and may have posted a few photos on 
instagram (livingbeeslife...just getting started).  

Picked up a book my daughter introduced to me.  I'm almost finished.  I
   love this book about tackling obstacles we allow to cloud our thoughts, and finding one's own unique creative voice.   Okay, it may also be about creating a home that is authentic to the way we live.  Work with me here please, I'm trying tie this into my subject; the interpretation of text is in the mind of the reader.    

On a positive writing note.... 
I did sign up for a writing webinar this past week.  I was so excited.  I downloaded the app needed, readied my notebook and pen, and prepped my husband to sign in for me.  I would be home from school just in time to slip behind the computer and participate.   I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.  This was a productive step in the right direction.  Then around three in the morning I woke with a "what were you thinking" moment.  I am in the central time zone, the webinar was to take place at noon eastern time.  There was no way I would be home.   There will be another....something ... sometime.

And, on a serious note...
A great big thanks to all who have encouraged me after my post on writing.  I honestly don't know where this desire, this love of words, will take me.  I ask God to lead me to a purpose and to quell my fears daily.  It is true, fear is probably one of my strongest enemies.  It is the reason I haven't shared my blog with many who are close to me.

You my friends lift me up; I am grateful,
and I am blessed.

Do you let fear get in your way of something important?
How do you get past it?
I would love to hear from you.


  1. Of course I do, Bonnie. Just write though it. I think you have a gift; your writing is so generous and authentic and I look forward to your posts. Why not start with writing 1 post per day?

    I'll be looking forward to it ;)


  2. I would be in awe of anyone who did not procrastinate, but I have never met that person yet. Besides, it is so much more fun to go through the stress and anxiety when waiting till the last moment to start something.

    It looks like you got an awful lot done this weekend. I am thinking of doing the same -sometime.

    1. Arlene, I am good at accomplishing a lot when there are other things I should be doing. And I make great excuses! I hope you are having a great week.

  3. You get an awful lot done for being a procrastinator, Miss Bonnie!! My idea of procrastinator is sitting on the couch with a bag of chips watching Real Housewives. I'm on my way to Pinterest so I can pin you guacamole recipe. Have a good week and.... relax!

  4. awwww bonnie, i do wish you could see yourself as i do. my grown up friend who loves to read, garden, cook and WRITE!!!! i look up to you, i admire are the mature version of me. your thoughts always beautifully presented, so thoughtful...almost like a poem. i am fearless, not too worried about what anyone thinks or says. with that said, i find myself surrounded with supportive people. if you do that, surround yourself with great peeps, there is nothing to fear!!!

  5. I agree with Katie . . ..
    You get plenty accomplished for someone who calls herself a procrastinator . . .
    Keep writing . . . you have such ease and grace . . .

  6. Hello Bonnie.
    Lynne Gordon passed your blog on to me. Hoping that I can share a few encouraging words about writing. is just plain hard work. In January I spent a week writing a 150 word narrative essay for an on-line publication, my very first real publication, even though I have been taking this writing thing seriously for the past two years, blogging for four years now. After that 150 word essay was finally delivered I had a 650-850 word article to write for Artful Blogging, I spent three weeks on that, my first on the news stand article. I wanted to give up so many times over the past four years, but after a time of self pity, I always pick myself up and keep on writing. I seek out classes and ways to learn and keep trying. So don't give up, keep pushing toward your dream. It really can happen, I am proof of it.

  7. Bonnie certainly understand that fear factor. What is it with us humans that we seek other's approval?? Like you I do a bit of procrastinating too. Unfortunately I seek too often the comfortable tasks to do instead of being creative. As for your writing- you are wonderful and very talented. Don't let fear keep you from reaching for your star. It is waiting for you friend. P.S. loved all your procrastination moments. Especially the lemon cake. Hugs!