Saturday, February 27, 2016

Project Weekend

The weekend is here, 
and none too soon.

It has not been one of my better weeks...
I've piled a lot on my plate...
(my mantra)
It will all get done...
It always does.

In the meantime...
I'm starting a new project.
Yikes! Go figure!

I am always up for a DIY project.  Yes, I'm the one, hand raised, 
saying, "I can do that".  Oh, how that little sentence gets me in so much trouble.
Actually, I enjoy a project that uses both the brain and hands.  And, I get so much satisfaction when it is finished.  

Actually, this one has been on my list for a while, and
the sand in this hour glass is quickly disappearing.

The table is now clear and the leaves
added.  I'll need a lot of space.

Everything is ready to go.
Have you guessed?
(I love a mystery)
I'll share my progress.

Are you a DIYer?
Do you have projects for the weekend?
I would love to see them.
You encourage and inspire me daily!

Whatever you have planned,
Enjoy, and Be Safe!



  1. Oooooh me too. I'm not sure if I am a DIY'er or a crafter. I also enjoy using my hands to create anything but I'm not huge on large DIY projects around the house. I'm curious....don't keep us guessing too long!!

  2. Hmmmm . . .
    Window treatments . . . Roman shades?
    Chair being recovered . . .?
    Dining room chair seats being redone?
    Exciting . . . I am waiting to hear more!

  3. When I had less time, I got more done. I always put more on my plate and like you, I had faith that it would get done, and it always did. Now, with more time, not so much.

    Since that material is on your dining table, I think that new covers for your chairs and window treatments will keep you even more busy in the coming weeks. Good luck, Bonnie, on whatever your DIY project is.

  4. I would like to think I am a DIYer, but in reality I rarely finish projects. So I have learned it is best to not start.

  5. Hope you enjoy your weekend too - and hope your project is coming along great!