Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break

Mother Nature set spring loose early this year in many parts of the country.   Today it doesn't matter, it is officially her moment to take center stage.  And, she is exquisitely dressed in all her splendor for the opening aria.

The first day of spring.
The day when we will have equal amounts of light and dark.  
Tomorrow the days will become longer.  

Did I mention I am on Spring Break?

This week I will have time to linger and walk about in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand checking to see who is waking up in the neighborhood.

Yesterday, I spent my first day out of school playing around in the dirt,

 loosening the soil around new plants starting to show their faces,

and pulling weeds threatening to cover them over.

Fortunately, I found a lot of familiar faces. 

Pink showed up dirty and a bit bedraggled, but today's rain should give her a little refreshment, clean her up a bit and make her a little more presentable.  I am waiting for Old Man to make his appearance.  

Oh, and there is some new construction taking place.

Well, I was getting a lot accomplished, filled a bag or two, until I reached under an azalea to cut a errant crepe myrtle.  Holding it at the top I began cutting the thickened woody base.  I was happily gnawing away with my clippers, praising myself for all my hard work,  when I realized the plant was dangling in my hand, but  I was still attached to something.   I yelped, dropped and kicked my clippers and fell back knowing I was in trouble.  I had just cut through an electrical cord attached to a landscape light.  Luckily, my clippers are insulted, I had on my rubber gardening gloves, and most importantly, the timer had already turned off.  No sparks, no tingling in my fingers...I'm still here.
All is well.

Today we have rain in the forecast.  

I think it will be a good afternoon to settle in with a good read.
I'm reading....

Morville Hours: The Story of a Garden
image via B&N
No matter what nature throws our way in the coming days, may we marvel at her beauty and promise of renewal 
today,  the first day of spring.

And, I am blessed.


  1. Bonnie, what a beautiful post. It made me feel so happy! You really captured the promise of spring and the celebration of renewal and rebirth. I am very interested in the book you are reading. I will go to my book store today and see if they have it. Happy Spring!

  2. Sunday, Thank you for your kind words. I checked "The Morville Hours" out of the library. I couldn't find it locally and have ordered it online. I want it for my personal library. I am especially enjoying the way she intertwines history with her gardening. I give you full credit, you actually inspired me with a book you were reading. Hugs! Bonnie

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank Heavens you didn't get a good shock! Your turtle friend made me smile; glad to see him once again!
    Spring has sprung here with lots and lots of rain the couple days, but that is so much better than the very abnormal snow we've had the last couple of weeks! Daffodils are blooming. Yay!

  4. Hello Bonnie:
    How very fortunate that your secateurs were insulated otherwise you may well have received an exceedingly nasty shock. Oh, the hazards of a little light gardening!!

    Yes, isn't it wonderful that spring has, at last, arrived and everywhere, including your garden, there is so much promise.

  5. A lovely post. And we are coming out of hibernation almost as much as the tortoises!

  6. I hope you have a wonderful week of doing just what your heart desires; happy reading!


  7. The azalea's are beautiful, Bonnie! Our's don't quite look like that yet. Too funny about the electrical cord, but so glad your still with us. Enjoy your spring break, and try to be a little more careful. I would welcome some rain at the moment to settle this pollen down!

  8. So glad you are safe and can reflect back over such a lovely time in the garden!! I met friends for lunch yesterday. Everywhere we turned a different shade of green was popping out, the landscape was filled with yellows, reds, pinks, purples and oranges. In late afternoon, we stopped for dessert which we ate on the restaurant's front porch--thinking back a few years when we had a two foot snow on the first day of spring!!

    I'm off to find out more about your book.

    Enjoy your break.


  9. Oh, my heart skipped a beat when I read that! I am SO glad you're alright.
    Spring has brought rain here...early April showers. It's good though since we barely had any snow during the winter. My flowers need a drink.

    I haven't been out in the yard since I hurt my foot so I'm sure there's lots of treasures waiting.
    Enjoy this week and watching the changes take place from day to day. It's amazing how many things pop up in just one day. :)

  10. Wow - close call with the clippers! Your house looks beautiful with the azaleas and dogwoods in bloom!

  11. i am just so excited about spring this year!!

    what a nice varity of pictures, the place is looking beautiful!!

  12. May I suggest solar lights. We have wires buried all over the gardens and I have cut a few (hubby was none too happy about that). For the past few years the solar lighting has gotten so much better and we now are replacing all of the lighting. It is so much easier and uses no electricity - and I don't have to listen to my husband when I have a "little accident".

    Your home looks magnificent, no double magnificent!

  13. I love your photos. Hope you're enjoying your March Break! (And thank goodness that timer was off!)

  14. astonishing photos and very touching honesty, I had to stop and say...congrats on your blog :).