Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dear Spring,

What are you thinking?
Do you think just because my lilacs are blooming,

birds are returning to the feeders,

and bumble bees are swarming

you can just pass us by without even a backward glance?

We are anxiously awaiting your arrival next week;
 however, it seems Summer has out run you this year.
I truly don't mean to be unkind, but
we all know Summer doesn't play well with others.
She delivers high temperatures turning your beautiful work of art

into an ugly mess

 and she just does not know when to leave.  Seriously... she is not all
waterplay and suntans.  Think about it!

If you truly decide to stay away, there is nothing more I have to say.
Except... I will have to think twice before I bring

more treats home to you.
You are really making me sad.

Not So Fondly Yours,
An Extremely Frustrated Southern Gardener

Give me a minute.....I'm sure I will find a blessing in these early summer temperatures.
Well,  I may need two.


  1. oh bonnie, your lilacs are gorgeous!!

    and you're right BUT for me, i'll take this over a week in the hospital any time!! i just can't get enough of anything!! xo

  2. Your pictures have me longing for spring or of them! I hope spring doesn't pass us by here in NE, I wait all year for the freshness and beginning of flower season.
    There are signs here but unfortunately I haven't been able to enjoy it outside...

    take your minute or two then go outside and soak it all up! :)

  3. I know what you mean. Although this June in March is delightful, it is somewhat unsettling. I think "what could be ahead" , but I know I should relax and just enjoy the moment. But....but.....

  4. I love your images and also love Spring, it is my favourite season.

    Happy planting


  5. Very Cute Post....I sure hope we don't miss out on Spring....our summer here in the deep South is so long anyway that we can't handle any more time added to it. It was about 85 degrees today....where is Spring?????

  6. Hello Bonnie:
    Oh, the vagaries of the weather. How well we remember all the frustrations it brings from our years of gardening. Now, happily, we simply enjoy the fruits of the labours of others without any of the work or worry!!

    We feel for you! Good luck!

  7. I have been thinking the same thing and you put it into words perfectly!

  8. Enjoyed reading your post. Love the lilacs.

  9. I agree! I am my happiest in the spring and when it gets hot I'm a little grumpy :) Please spring, don't pass us by

  10. Gorgeous pictures, Bonnie.

    I'm so jealous of your early season. We won't have blooms here for quite a while yet.


  11. I totally agree. Am struggling to finish the fall/winter weeding and bed clean-up, while the lilies are pushing up - and did I remember to tell you the ELM has leafed out. What is that about?

    I long for spring, but am not at all ready for summer. It's supposed to cool down to ONLY 70 tomorrow. Maybe that will help.

    Your lilacs are lovely. HOpe mine are still sleeping - guess I need to go look.

  12. Arleen, You and I are on the same page. Eighty two degrees in mid March cannot be good. We will see. Hugs, Bonnie

  13. Louisiana...Oh I remember growing up in La. The summers are hot. You certainly want to prolong it. Hugs, Bonnie

  14. Julie, might say I had a grumpy moment yesterday. I will adjust, but moving a little further north is looking sweeter. Hugs, Bonnie

  15. Webb, My lilacs were a total surprise this year. Last year they didn't bloom at all. They are loaded this year?
    I think we are suppose to remain in the 80s through the weekend. It is flip flop time....Hugs! Bonnie

  16. Spring is here and you have the photos to prove it. Mickie :)

  17. I understand just how you feel. I decided to eat breakfast outside last week and I was soooo hot that I had to go back inside! What happened to spring?