Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Pondering

Happy Friday friends!
I hope you have had a grand week.  I have been spending a lot of time at school... at least it feels like it.  This is a busy time of year, with three major holidays back to back.  It is all good and a lot fun, though I am happy to have the afternoon off today.

Recently while catching up with my favorite blogs I happened upon a couple of writers addressing thoughts of closing down.  At least one mentioned  needing fresh inspiration.  It hit home.  I've posted a few times of my own struggles with my writing.  Needing "fresh inspiration"  put a face on my own endeavor to put something of substance worth sharing here on my pages.

Do you ever go back and read your past posts?  I think I've ask this question before.  Last night while searching for something I thought I had posted, I found myself reading back through  several months of posts.   As I read, I remembered the joy I found in writing, and hearing back from you.   As I revisited many of your comments I realized how much I learned through your kind and wise words.  Sometimes one must go back to go forward.

Though I continue to seek  that "fresh inspiration", I still feel this is a very happy place to be.   And, you are the ones who make it so. 

Sending you wishes for the best week-end ever!


  1. So interesting that you write this. It always saddens me when bloggers throw in the towel and give up instead of fighting through the doldrums and coming out on the other side stronger. I very recently read this in David duChemin's book Within The Frame - "As you experience life, your vision changes. The stories you want to tell, the things that resonate with you - they change and so does your vision. Finding and expressing your vision is a journey, not a destination."

    I know he is talking about photography but it could apply to any creative endeavor.

  2. Perfect words. Soon, I will have time to go back to go forward.

  3. First... lovely arrangement with white pumpkins.

    Am suffering from lack of inspiration. I know part of it is that I am happier than when I started blogging. In those days I was sick of my work but needed to hang on for a few years. The friends I found in Bloggerland got me thru a tough time. Retired now, I'm not as needy. But, it does often seem like same old, same old.

    Hope all is well with you.

  4. I use my blog as a visual diary and don't think about stopping until the time when age or infirmity pins me into a chair. Then I hope to look back at the images and remember with pleasure the life that I've lead. I never expected to have followers, so they are a bonus and feel like friends. I lead a very ordinary life, but there always seems to be a bit of something to record and share. Also I'm interested in (nosey about?) people and love to have a peep into their world.

  5. Dear Bonnie yes at times I do struggle to find something inspiring to share. In the end though what really counts is touching each other's lives. I know how much your posts touch mine and I would be sad if I couldn't visit you. So hopefully we will continue to find new inspiration but mostly just enjoy spending time visiting each other. Hugs!

  6. i am inspired every day to write, by everything around me. all little things, perhaps not worth writing about but for me, my thoughts and inspiration in all the little things is enough.

    i think my biggest inspiration is my pictures. i take so many and find they usually tell a great story by themselves. yep, my stories are almost always inspired by my pictures!!!!