Thursday, November 14, 2013

Counting Blessings

Do ever have those days when you wake up and it takes only a few minutes to realize your day is not going in the direction you had hoped?

Several weeks ago, a week or two before Halloween,  my day began its downward spiral.  Trying to leave for school in my usual rush, I found myself locked behind our driveway gate.   After trying to open it several times from inside my car, I got out, remote in my hand, walked up to the gate, aimed and punched the open button again...nothing, not even an "I'm trying to open" sound.   Panic gripped my stomach.  I had thirty minutes to get to school and I was locked in, unable to exit.  Thanks to a friend picking me up I made it to school, but my day pretty much continued in the same general direction, downhill.   And then there was the final blow.

Another friend delivered my safely home, leaving me with an "I love you".  As I entered my home the silence was deafening, I paced.   I went upstairs to change clothes and there on the floor were my sneakers just where I had left them the day before.  I knew what I needed...sitting on the floor I changed shoes careful to double knot the long laces.  Channeling my best "Forest Gump" attitude, I walked out my front door and started walking.  I didn't have a destination nor a timetable.  I just knew I needed to walk.  I walked up sunny streets and down the shady ones.  I circled once and back, in and out and around my neighborhood, my thoughts racing in the same random directions.  

I'm not for sure how long I walked, nor how many times I walked down the same street.   My thoughts and pace slowed just as I found myself crossing my own street.  I had walked enough, I turned and headed home.  Just as I saw my house a phrase passed through me so powerful it stopped my forward movement...

"count your blessings"

As I walked the last block to my front door I began reciting the many ways I have been blessed.
It didn't block the sadness I was feeling.  It did, however,  make the the load a little lighter and the day seem a bit warmer.

My blessings? amazing husband who main objective in life is to care for his family daughter who fills my heart with joy daily just by existing in my world son-in-law who we feel so fortunate to have as part of our family
...the women who I am allowed to work with and call friends
(seriously if you are ever in need of the wagons circling,
 these are the women to be traveling with) friends, old, new and those I have reconnected with;
 those who are near and those who far way.
...a job I dearly love, even on the days I'm taken to my knees who I have connected with in this crazy blogging world,
and who read my sometimes crazy ramblings
...and my sweet Willie, who asks for nothing more than to curl up
next me, well... maybe a puppy treat or two

                                                                                                                    These are just a few...

As the sunsets on another day I hope you will take a moment, and count your blessings.
I know for some it may be hard to see beyond the worries, the heavy heart or anger, but it
will give you a moment to rest, and maybe give you reason to smile.

Each chapel morning the children sitting on the front row are ask to share something for which they are thankful.   The collection runs from legos to their teacher.  Do you have something your are thankful for?  I hope you'll share.

I made it through another day....
and yes,  I am blessed.

I do hope your cares are few and your blessing many.



  1. Loved your post. Beautiful blessings.

    Dinner with my youngest grandson today lit up my life . . . I too, am blest.

  2. An excellent reminder! I hope that you are having a better week.

  3. This is the one thing I needed to read this morning...most of the time I let my worries overwhelm me and it's often hard to see that I am surrounded by so many blessings. But there are opportunities to grow and explore, a husband that works so hard so I can have those opportunities, a beautiful home, even though I want to get rid off it! and people like you, who though I have never met, bring such good things into my life.
    I hope your days are better! :)

  4. a GREAT reminder for me today!! i really enjoyed your blessings!!

  5. Ah yes, our blessings are always there but sometimes a little hard to remember until we stop and count them. Today, I am thankful to be spending most of the day with two of my dearest friends. Then I'll come home to have dinner with my husband. He's preparing the meal!! I'm also thankful that a week from today, our sweet daughter-in-law will be defending her dissertation and we'll get to spend time with her and our son while they are in town.

    May all of your gates open wide!


    1. Bonnie, I remember when my daughter defended her dissertation. I will hold good thoughts for your daughter-in-law. I hope you are enjoying a delicious dinner with your husband. I hope you will share his creation. Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

  6. Dear Bonnie - such an inspiring post. You will never know how much I needed your uplifting words this week. Mine has really had its challenges. Thank you friend. One of my blessings is your blog and knowing you. Have a wonderful week-end.

  7. Yes, we have all had days like that, and to be thankful and count blessings is a very good antidote. Great post. Hope you got your gate fixed.

  8. Beautiful and thoughtful as usual, Bonnie. I am also grateful for each day I have, even the sorrowful ones, because I know I have been truly blessed to love and be loved.

    1. Arleen, Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes it is the sorrowful and painful days which make our blessings most apparent. Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

  9. I woke up this morning with a dark cloud over my head because of a family situation but your post has brought me back to the reality that I have so much to be thankful for and I need to turn that concern over to my "Higher power" :)

  10. A wonderful post, Bonnie. Inspiring and beautiful!

  11. You are really right - it's too easy to get dragged down by some days! I hope things are going smoother again. Jx

  12. What a beautiful post, Bonnie! You inspire me too!
    We must rise above the dark clouds!

  13. A lovely post. I do try to be grateful for everything I've been given - but an occasional reminder is always a good thing! Thanks for giving me that.

  14. thanks for the post. a good reminder.

  15. Very nice post!
    Thanks & Welcome for your comment and your next visit to my blogs.
    Have a nice day! Cath.

  16. I think you sell yourself short when you say you are not a writer. You are, indeed, a writer, Bonnie - all I had to do is read your words to know this.

    Thanks for reminding us of the real blessings in life. Happy Thanksgiving to you! <3