Monday, April 10, 2023

Not What I Expected

 I have wanted to return to this space for awhile. I have played with content, trying to zero in on a direction, the right time. As often happens, life is saying now.

Whenever I have been away for awhile I begin my post with "it has been awhile; a lot has been going on around here." And, once again, it has been awhile and a lot has been going on around here. Little did I know what was going on then was the beginning of what is happening now.

My husband has been experiencing both mobility and memory issues for a while. He has been able to hide a lot.  I have been in denial. He has made excuses. I have spent valuable time angry. After countless doctor's appointments, tests and scans, we know what it is not. It is not a brain tumor, it is not a drug interaction and it most likely is not Alzheimer's. What is suspected is a Parkinson type disease. We are not in a battle, we are on a journey.

I am returning now because I find writing is both calming and healing. I have no advice to offer, but if sharing my questions, anxieties, and mistakes encourages anyone who suddenly discovers they have been moved from being the passenger to the driver,
 I will be happy. 

And friends, because, it is what I do, I am going to probably spend some time writing about books. What can I say?

So, for today... 

Look for the light... light will always conquer darkness.



  1. oooooon no....i am reminded of a quote "it is only in the darkness, that we can see the stars"!!

    as you know, i am NOT the "driver" but the passenger and it is not an easy role to be in. i remember all the tests done to get the dx of MS, it was not easy and definitely very difficult for my husband. sometimes i think it is harder for him than me.

    i am so glad you are back, your writing style encourages me...and the dogwood is beautiful!!

    1. everything on blogger has changed a bit. i don't get emails anymore if someone leaves me a comment. i was able to reply to my own comment here, but that is not always possible, it's hit or miss!! people can't receive my posts via email anymore, i see other bloggers have that feature. i go with the flow, and try to remember it is "free". so i try to figure things out and just appreciate what i get. i can't believe i am still here, still writing and i am glad to see you back!!