Sunday, September 27, 2020

I'll Cheer You to the End

How are you doing friends? 

Here we are just beginning to wade into Autumn; I couldn't be happier. I love everything about this time of year. It makes my heart happy and feels me with so much hope. The crisp morning air is perfect for walks when time allows. It was such a morning when I caught my social distancing friends chattering away one cool sunny morning.

Are you still hanging in there?
 Do you feel like things are beginning to feel somewhat normal? 
I don't either. I've been in school three weeks, it has helped even though it has kicked my backside. Some days have been easier than others; and, it sure helps when younger teachers are saying they are whipped at the end of the day as well.

I know we will come to the end. Perhaps the end will not look quite like where we were before, but we will turn the corner when the time is right. I know, we are ready now, aren't we? It's hard, but let's hang in there. Let's give grace to not only our friends and family, but those we might not like so much. Be gentle with yourself. No one is breezing through this.

I am rooting for you, 
for me, 
for our country
 and the world. 
We can do this... I promise!

Have the very best week ever!

(shhh.... I'll be back with some book talk.)


  1. Bonnie, I think everyone finally realizes how tough a teacher's job is. Bless you all in COVID times for helping all the children.

    BTW - I just purchased Murmur of Bees so I'll be curious to hear your thoughts.

    1. Diane... I am hoping to finish "The Murmur of Bees" in the next day or so. I am loving it. It really makes you think about the time we are in now with Covid. Thank you for your kind words and good thoughts. Hugs!

  2. Bless all teachers and their devotion to children and learning. I worry about you all every day.

    Getting through this time is up to us all, unfortunately, we really are not all in this together. I do, though, live in hope.

    1. Arleen you are so kind to me. I feel really good with how we are handling the return to school... masks, staying in "pods" and lots and lots of hand sanitizer. Thank you for your concern; we all need good thoughts. Hugs!

  3. oooooh this was so sweet, i enjoyed your words. i often wonder if we will ever return to normal. what our new normal will look like?? i am well...i miss my old life, going here and there, but i love being home. i have kept myself busy and i feel happy!!

    i worry a little about the changes for our children, my little great nieces. they are learning from home and they are struggling with that. i think about you teachers and all the changes this has brought about for you. how difficult this must me.

    i am sending you and your students warm, loving thoughts...that you will adjust and feel joy once again!!!

    ps...i usually post pictures of my knitting projects on wednesdays. it is the same as last wednesday, just larger, so i don't know if i will this week. i did last wednesday!!! xo