Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sometimes It Happens...

Sometimes it happens... a book is opened, and somewhere among the pages we stumble upon a sentence, a phrase, a group of words that sit down in the most comfortable chair
 and linger with us. 

" is about nothing, about the many nothings of ordinary life that somehow arrange, symphony-like, into the whole of everything".

I happened upon this group of phrases  just as I was finishing Margaret Eby's book, South Toward Home.  (We'll chat about the book later.)   Though Eby writes these words to describe John Kennedy Toole's book, A Confederacy of Dunces, I keep returning to them, because, it is in these  "nothings of ordinary life" that I find 
everyday blessings.    

I find it so easy with today's social media to get caught up in the wanting better and more.    We need only to log in for a few minutes to begin reading that everyone else is off on the best vacation, has the best relationship, friends, house, children...  Everyone else's life is filled with all these spectacular moments...  you get where I am going.   I don't know about you, but I often sigh and think what if.   Then I land, usually face down caused my own blindness... 

 Summer mornings sitting outside with a cup of coffee, my morning readings and listening to the sounds of summer...  meals around my own dinner table with family and friends...  watching the joy on my grandson's face as he licks a popsicle.    Extraordinary is great, and I am grateful for all those adventures, but nothing compares to my nothings.   It is recognizing and accepting the blessings of the moment to moment, the ordinary,  that stitch together and create a rich, and spectacular life.  


  Perhaps it is the southern humidity, the intoxicating smell of  magnolias, or the over indulgence of spirits... no one can create a multi-layered, damaged yet heroic character or spin the  tragedy/drama/comedy tale like the southern writer.  (this southerner's personal opinion, of course.)   South Toward Home, is the ultimate road trip for the southern lit lover wanting an insight into the lives, people and places that inspired some of the south's most infamous (Welty, O'Connor, Faulkner, Lee, Capote and Toole) southern authors, and maybe a few not found on everyone's reading list, but no less talented.  Each chapter stands alone, so no need to feel like you must tackle this journey in one trip.

My favorite son(-in-law), picked out this book for me while we were browsing one of my favorite bookstores, Lemuria in Jackson, Mississippi.  Thanks for the great suggestion,
loved it!

Now I want to get into the car, fill-up the gas tank, and trace Eby's tire treads.  
Anyone up for a southern road trip?

I hope you are reading something fabulous!


  1. Excellent! There is something very special in nothings, and every day I wish I spent more time enjoying them. I would do a southern road trip but not in the summer.

  2. Oh, this was wonderful, Bonnie. I so agree with you; life's simple pleasures ARE the best!

  3. Amen! You've got it figured out. I love that quote and am adding this to me reading list!