Saturday, August 9, 2014

Keeping My Brain Healthy

Neural Plasicity:  the brain's ability to change in response to normal developmental
processes, experience, and injury--

Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a lecture on Neural Plasticity.  Though the seminar was directed to healthcare professionals treating clients with traumatic brain injuries, this presentation included material helpful to anyone who hopes to keep their brain healthy and active.  There was also much information I will take back to the classroom.   There was one point though, the last point the speaker addressed that was priceless...

The best activity to keep the brain healthy and active....
this is too good to be true....
Do you know?
Have you guessed?

Forget the crossword puzzles (and I do love my morning crossword puzzle).
Forget the high priced programs and apps offering activities and games
to keep the aging brain active.
The best brain exercise is...

Reading, reading
lots of reading!!!

I no longer need to make excuses for afternoons spent with a book or
frequent stops at a neighborhood bookstore.

Now, excuse me please.
I have a book waiting to join me
in a little exercise session.


I may be away for a couple of weeks.
It is time to begin preparing to return to the classroom;
and, I have the opportunity to spend a few weeks with my daughter and new grandson.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer dear friends.
I will be checking in on you.


  1. Hello Bonnie,

    Well, how interesting that is. We are both breathing heavy sighs of relief now in the knowledge that our brains must be set for healthy activity for the next few decades!

    How we sympathise with you on the return to the chalkface. We have to say rather naughtily that we adore September when everyone is back incarcerated in classrooms and we are still free as birds! Wishing you a happy return to school, make the most of the summer until then.

    Reading on . . .

  3. I'm with Jane and Lance on adoration for September - quieter, cooler mornings, thoughts of beautiful Autumn colors………..and then later lighting a fire on the hearth and relaxing with another great book. Yes, reading is so wonderful - it's my favorite 'exercise' too! I've always told youngsters that as long as they have a book to read they will never be lonely or bored.

    Hope the coming school year is a good one for you - I now have just two grandchildren still in school - one heading to her freshman college year, one a high school senior. I miss when they were little and I enjoyed reading to Kindergarten classes on Wednesdays - loved watching their faces light up at a good story!

    Enjoy the remaining vacation days - and enjoy that gorgeous new baby.
    Hugs - Mary

  4. I do love a challenge and crosswords and Sudoku have taken a backseat to my summer reading so this informative post is exactly what I wanted to read this morning!
    Have fun getting your classroom set up....there is labour unrest with our teachers here in BC and the bargaining talks are moving along at a snails pace....I hope they sort it all out before September.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Glad to hear that reading is the best fix! Wanted to try that online thing, but opted out when it involved a purchase - way too cheap for that! Reading is absolutely what I do best.

  6. it really that time of year again? Are you ready for the excited chatter of all those lovely children you look after? You must be... Thanks so much for sharing this information, it is something I think about often..I wonder if reading blogs counts? I haven't read a book, front to back, all desperate to get stuck into a good book. This has prompted me to do just that. Thank you... xx

  7. Neural Plasticity is very interesting. I'm glad you are taking what you learned into the classroom. Unfortunately I've had to work with clients whose brains adapted to pain and fear, especially as children. The receptors for those emotions then develop more rapidly than those for pleasure. Keep nurturing your little students, one never knows what might be going on at home.

  8. Enjoy getting ready for school - and enjoy that lovely grandson of yours! And keep reading, although did we really need an excuse to do that?

  9. Bonnie - thank you for sharing this information - like you no more guilt when I get caught reading...I am keeping my brain healthy!! Enjoy your time with that wonderful grandson. Hard to believe school will be coming around in just a few short weeks - whew where did the summer go!! Hugs - see you when you return.

  10. Hello Bonnie

    Enjoy your time reading and savouring the summer. I am delighted to hear that reading is recommended.


  11. Bonnie, Something I need to do more of. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Now that's good news because I really dislike Crossword puzzles but I love reading!